It’s the Experiences In Life You Will Remember

I can’t think of many of my own experiences where I was alone. Good or bad experiences I definitely have learned from them. We all need experiences to gain knowledge, to grow, and to mature. It’s those risks we take that help us learn what our bodies and minds can truly do.

I can remember a lot of experiences with my family. We never did a lot of worldly traveling, but I do remember all our camping trips we did (even if it was in the back yard). I learned what it was like to step away from the busy schedules of everyday life, and to have no distractions, and to truly “be” with my family. Those experiences still have an impact on me.

A month ago my family (who never really take big vacations, and are from Iowa) took a chance and flew out to see me here in Coloma, California. They had never been whitewater rafting, they had never been to Northern California, and they had never (mainly my dad) booked a flight for just 5 days and experience something new. I picked them up from the airport and you could already feel the excitement radiating from their bodies as we headed back to the tents I set up for them.

Settling down for the night, we quickly were reminiscing about the days we camped before. The storms we survived, how dad wakes us all up at one point of the night because of heavy snoring. We ended the night with laughter, and started the morning with a wonderful breakfast down by the river. The sun was shining, and already my mom and dad were sitting next to the water with a cup of coffee discussing our adventures for the day. Relaxed, but ready for that the day had in store, we explored the lower part of the South Fork, then the Middle Fork the next day.

Watching my family quickly learn how to raft was a proud moment. It was like a team building activity. We were lead by Nick who guided us through all the rapids. We encouraged each other, splashed every boat we passed, and jumped in the water as often as possible. The best moment was swimming into Turtle Pond. We all had yellow helmets on and my mom pointed out we all looked like Minions (from Despicable Me) floating down the river. I don’t know why that was so funny, but for about 10 minutes straight our guts were busting from laughing so hard. Immediately we were making Minion noises. We cheered on our guide who bravely went down Ruck-a-chuck drop on the Middle Fork. There was whooping and hollering when we went through tunnel chute and under the mountain. My dad being a teacher in agriculture was in love with all the different plants, he tried to remember all their names. It’s pretty sweet when you get to experience the vast knowledge your parents can have. Every evening we ended the night with playing songs on the Ukulele and singing around the campfire.

So if my parents didn’t take the risk they never would have experienced something Northern California had to offer. We bonded over all of our experiences. Yes, there were some times we had to be patient with each other, but we remember what made us laugh more than what made us frustrated.

I hope you get to create experiences with those around you. They will never leave your memories, and teach you life lessons you will never forget!

lantz family



(Office Manager at WWC)

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Sunday Specials



It’s Friday and you finally realize you have a free weekend! Not sure what to do? We would love to treat you to a Sunday Special here at WWC on June 14th.  Come raft our Middle Fork of the American River. This is our class IV river that takes you under a mountain, down a chute, and a waterfall (no worries our guides will be the one taking the raft down that.)

We would like to save you some money (about $50) and price our trip at $135! That means you get a full day of rafting, a lunch, and memories to remember!

We love capturing our trips with our Go-Pro so I thought I would share one of our trips down the Middle Fork. If you have a Go-Pro you can definitely strap it on one of our helmets with a stand connected. Sometimes you have to capture a trip, so you can keep reliving the adventure.

Go ahead and call us today to reserve it before our spots fill up!

Don’t know our number?? Well we would love to give it out!



Cheers! Hope to get you out on the water!



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More Water? We Would Love That!


We here at Whitewater Connection love water (well I mean we kind of depend on it). We know we had previously posted that the Middle Fork on our American River would only release water on Saturdays and Sundays, but now we have GREAT NEWS!

Our Middle Fork will have water now Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting JUNE 9th! I mean I am not going to complain. This means there will be about 13 more days of opportunities to catch the gnarly class IV rapids, and I just had to share Tunnel Chute above.  If you haven’t experienced this river I hope to share with you a little insight.

The 18 mile long rafting route on this river is characterized by somewhat broader steep canyons interspersed with man-made reservoirs, natural waterfalls, and quiet scenic areas. The Middle Fork is used extensively for both motorized and non-motorized recreation, including fishing, white water adventuring, bicycling (mountain and road), horseback riding, trail running and hiking. You will definitely feel away from the big city, or at least in a different world.

We hope all our previous and new guests get a chance to see this beautiful river! It will keep you on your toes, keep you paddling, and always keeping up a beautiful view!

Call for availability, or any questions! (530)622-6446 / 1-800-336-7238


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What’s the Water Like in 2015?

Going through the South Fork of the American River

Rafting the South Fork of the American River on May 25.

That’s the big question we’ve been asked this year, “What’s the water like up there?”

Well We’re happy to say we do have water, and it’s still going to be a great season. Even though we are entering another season with unknown conditions, and low snow pack from the winter season we are guaranteed water all season! Which is something to definitely talk about.

Below is the list of our water predictions for what our rivers will be like this year. They have been running great and the weather has continued to be beautiful.

South Fork American River 

We are GUARANTEED releases all season long on this river. We will be having water Thursday – Monday until Labor Day. After Labor Day we will be running this only Saturday and Sunday. This is a great river for those who have not been rafting before, families, and co-worker retreat. Take down a large group of friends to soak up the rays and scenic views while tackling the class 3 rapids. With Folsom Lake being low we even get an extra stretch of rapids near take out.

Enjoy 1/2, 1, and 2 days on this river.

Tunnel Chute on the Middle Fork May 25.

Tunnel Chute on the Middle Fork May 25.


Middle Fork American River

This class 4 river is GUARANTEED to have water on Saturday and Sunday from April – May. Then Tuesday, Friday-Sunday from June 9th – August (Labor Day), we would definitely call for availability for other dates. This river offers a combination of thrills and excitement on the water while viewing the quiet wilderness in the deep canyons of the Mother Lode. This would be a great trip for those who want to do a more challenging river to a bachelor party.

North Fork River

We hope for water, but there will be no season 2015 for this river.

California Salmon River

We have no guarantees for water this season. We would consider dong the Upper Klamath River for challenging trips. We would appreciate a group of 12 rafters to go on this river.

Upper Klamath River

Best choice this season for your class 4+ whitewater rafting. It should be running through September. Call for more information. 1-800-336-7238. A group of 12 would be helpful for this trip.

Kaweah Rafting

We still hope for water, but again this river will have no season for 2015.


You may have heard all about having no water up here in the Sacramento area, but there is water, and trips are already heading down the river. There are already great memories being made. Photos capturing those excited or “scared for their life” faces as they head down the rapids.


Our private camp grounds are looking beautiful this year with openings for those who want to make it a weekend trip, and the Tri-tip is still melt-in-your-mouth fantastic. If you’re looking for new trip or the same trip you can still head up to Coloma, California. Let it be a “get away” or a “family vacation”. We welcome all!



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American River Music Festival 2013

The 7th annual American River Music Festival, September 13~14~15, will presentover 30 live Music Performances and Joinshops by nationally renowned musicians in 10 locations throughout the friendly river community of Coloma. You’ll enjoy Riverfront Camping, Jams, Dance, a Whitewater River Trip, a River Hike, “live” Art, great Food and local Wines, fun Artistic Vendors, tons of Kid’s Activities and the nicest folks around. How about planning a trip to Coloma this Fall for some great tunes and some great whitewater with Whitewater Connection on the South Fork of the American River.

Jason Beard of Poor Man's WhiskeyFeatured Musicians on the Main Stage this year:
David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, Paul Thorn, Sean Hayes, Hot Buttered Rum, Ray Wylie Hubbard, New Monsoon, Dead Winter Carpenters, Poor Man’s Poison, Trevor Green, Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally

The Festival offers 5 ticket choices to enjoy our great music, the beautiful South Fork of the American River and our friendly river community:

  • Friday-Sunday camping/all music ticket (our most popular ticket!)
  • Friday-Sunday camping/all music/whitewater rafting trip ticket.
  • Saturday single day main stage ticket
  • Sunday single day main stage ticket
  • Saturday and Sunday two-day main stage ticketGet
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Make your Whitewater Connection trip part of an Ultimate Adventure

Rafting with Whitewater Connection on the South Fork of the American River is fantastic on it’s own, but there are so many other activities to consider while in El Dorado County, here are a few suggestions.

Wine Tasting – There are many great wineries close to our South Fork Camp –

History of the California Gold Rush – We are located minutes from the Marshall Gold Discovery State Park, literally, it’s 300 yards walk from our camp.

Lake Tahoe – Only 1 1/2 hours from Coloma, Lake Tahoe has just about every activity you can imagine – Parasailing, Hot Air Ballooning, Jetski rentals, Horseback treks, World class Mountain Bike and Hiking Trails and of course the stateline casino activities!

Contact the Whitewater Connection office for more info at 1.800.336.7238

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Whitewater Connection Rafting – New menu for 2013

At mealtime our guides double as chefs – and you’ll be delighted by the bountiful feasts they prepare at our riverside “kitchens.” Our delicious evening banquet begins with Selection of cheeses, salami and local fresh fruit, followed by our insalata caprese salad w/ local organic heirloom tomatoes, followed by barbecued steak and chicken
 and a vegetarian risotto All served with local organic herb baked Fingerling potatoes and local organic seasonal greens.

Menu with wine pairings:
Selection of cheeses, salami and local fresh fruit.
 Served with fresh sliced baguette.
wine pairing: 2010 David Girard Coda Blanc


insalata caprese w/ local organic heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, balsamic reduction, olive oil, sea salt and pepper.
wine pairing: Boeger 2011 Hangtown red

local organic spring greens, pears, house made Caramelized walnuts, gorgonzola cheese. 
Served with a red wine vinaigrette
wine pairing: 2008 Madrona Zinfandel

Tri Tip with special house made rub
– BBQ Chicken with homemade sauce
– Vegetarian mushroom risotto
– Ginger and lemongrass grilled shrimp

All served with local organic herb baked Fingerling potatoes and local organic seasonal greens

wine pairing: 2010 Boeger Barbara

Fresh brownies with local made Gelato from Zia’s.
Smores will be provided around the campfire at night!

*we would like to thank SouthFork farms that provided us with fresh organic produce that we proudly served in our menu.

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Whitewater Connection Yoga / rafting wellness weekend adventures

This trip will include evening and morning yoga, special organic vegetarian aruyvedic menu, 60 minute massage, meditation session, riverside camping and rafting 2 days on the south fork of the American river.

On this 2 day/ 2 night trip you’ll be treated to solitude and peace along with an adventure on the river. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meditate and practice restorative asana and relaxation at sunrise and sunset.

The delicious and yummy ayurvedic vegetarian meals throughout your adventure are prepared by your guides/chefs using produce from local organic farms throughout the foothills paired with local wines that are sure to please.

Your trip will be accompanied by a local yoga instructor who will guide you through your trip. Yoga is a practice of skillful actions that quiet the busy mind and bring restorative energy and calmness to your body.  We recommend participants be 16 years old and ready for a journey into self-realization and relaxation.

The river rafting portion of the trip is class 2-3 along the beautiful and scenic South fork of the American River in Coloma, Ca. Camping is at our private 40 acre campground located just minutes from the Gold Discovery park in Coloma – see images of our incredible camp.  Whitewater Connection is excited to offer this one of a kind river adventure.  Tents, sleeping gear and yoga mats are provided for your convenience. Limit of 25 people per trip to ensure a restorative and relaxing trip.

$670.00 per person.
Dates avail: June 23rd – 25th and Aug 4th – 6th

Please call our office at 1.800.336.7238 for more information or to reserve this fantastic getaway.

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Summer Whitewater River Flows in California

This year our free flowing rivers, the North Fork of the American and the Kaweah, are seeing a slightly earlier end to the season purely based on the snowpack. Not to worry as our controlled rivers will be running throughout the summer at great levels, here’s an overview on our two main trips

Tunnel Chute Rapid on the Middle Fork American RiverSouth Fork of the American River (Beginner – Intermediate / Class III):

The South Fork of the American River is a classic “dam-controlled” river with six reservoirs above the whitewater section and runs year round due to the large amount of stored water. Reservoirs have more water than they normally do at this time of year, so regular, healthy water releases will occur all season long in 2013. Raftable flows will be guaranteed 6 days a week (no Wednesdays) from March to Labor day. Flows will range from 1300 to 3000 CFS (Normal) in March through May, and from 1300 to 1700 CFS during the summer months of June, July, and August. Normal flows will continue in September four days a week, Thursday-Sunday, and on the weekends in October.

Middle Fork of the American (Intermediate / Class III – IV):

Due to two reservoirs above this run, flows on this beautiful river typically occur seven days a week starting in May. This year guaranteed flows will begin on the weekends only starting May 4 and shift into a 7 days a week schedule on Memorial Day weekend (May 25). Raftable flows will remain at about 900 CFS during the rafting season through September 29. In early October the river will likely shut down for annual maintenance on the hydro electric project above the run.

During years with less than normal precipitation in California, the Middle Fork becomes one of the best options for 1-, 2-, and 3-Day wilderness trips. Consistent flows released from the Oxbow PG&E Power House just above the run create a wonderful opportunity for Class III – IV rafting inside a 2000′ deep wilderness canyon.

Call Whitewater Connection today at 1.800.336.7238 to book your Adventure


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Reno River Festival

The Reno River Festival returns to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2013 at the Truckee River Whitewater Park in Downtown Reno.

From freestyle to slalom and everything in between, the Reno River Festival is bringing the best kayakers from around the world to the heart of downtown Reno for another action-packed weekend of whitewater, music, food and libations Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12.

Several Whitewater Connection guides have made a great showing over the years in this event, most of them fine-tuning their skills at some time on the South, Middle and North Forks of the American. So head to reno and cheer them on, if you haven’t visited the Whitewater Park on the Truckee, you’re in for a real treat.

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