Sunday Specials



It’s Friday and you finally realize you have a free weekend! Not sure what to do? We would love to treat you to a Sunday Special here at WWC on June 14th. ┬áCome raft our Middle Fork of the American River. This is our class IV river that takes you under a mountain, down a chute, and a waterfall (no worries our guides will be the one taking the raft down that.)

We would like to save you some money (about $50) and price our trip at $135! That means you get a full day of rafting, a lunch, and memories to remember!

We love capturing our trips with our Go-Pro so I thought I would share one of our trips down the Middle Fork. If you have a Go-Pro you can definitely strap it on one of our helmets with a stand connected. Sometimes you have to capture a trip, so you can keep reliving the adventure.

Go ahead and call us today to reserve it before our spots fill up!

Don’t know our number?? Well we would love to give it out!



Cheers! Hope to get you out on the water!



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