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Rating: Class 4+
Distance: 8 River Miles
Season: April-May (some years early June)
Location: 30 Miles east of Visalia, CA

One of America's steepest river runs, the Kaweah rumbles past the ancient giants in Sequoia National Park before plummeting westward through some of the wildest class 4+ rapids in California.
Just a three hour drive from Southern California and only an hour longer from the San Francisco Bay Area, the Kaweah is a wonderful 8 mile surprise that grips river runners from the start.

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The Kaweah shows its character right away. Rapids like "Twist Shout" and "Lower House" are fast and furious. The current twists and bucks through big drops before sling-shotting us through "Suicide Falls" and "The Flood",

Just as quickly, the Kaweah changes moods. It flattens out, pulling us gently through the town of Three Rivers. Further on, huge polished granite slides appear, evidence of the unyielding power of water over rock.

These sensuous, slippery flumes, called "The Slickies," provide unending fun as we paddle back into them and "surf" wildly for as long as we wish. You won't forget this unique signature of the Kaweah.

This trip is recommended for physically fit individuals with previous class 3 commercial rafting experience. Wetsuits are strongly recommended on all trips. Click here for rental information.

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