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River Rafting Equipment Rentals

Whitewater Connection offers high quality wetsuit, tent and sleeping pad rentals. Rentals are available on all river trips offered by Whitewater Connection.

Tent, pad & Chair Rentals

Two person tents are available for rent from Whitewater Connection. High quality 3-season tents are assembled by our staff and are ready to use upon your arrival at our South Fork of the American River Base Camp. On rivers other than the South Fork of the American, our staff will assist you in assembly. We highly recommend tents as a precaution on all April and May trips. Thick, comfortable, fabric coated, foam pads are available. Reservations must be made in advance. 

Rental item

One Night

Basic Camping Package


Tent, sleeping, basic sleeping pads, firewood, and camping chairs


Premium Camping Package


Everything above is included with thicker sleeping pads


* We do not rent chairs etc separately - Only as part of the package.

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