White Water Rafting Trips with Whitewater Connection

White water rafting trips with Whitewater Connection on some of the most exciting rivers in California. We offer rafting trips in California for all ages and skill levels, from beginner to expert paddlers. The South Fork of the American River in Coloma California, located in the heart of Northern California, is the setting for our half day, one day, and two day California whitewater rafting trips. Rafting on the South Fork of the American River offers lots of exciting rapids, beautiful scenery and the Gold Rush history of California. In addition to the South Fork whitewater rafting trips, we also offer California whitewater rafting trips on the Middle Fork of the American, North Fork of the American, Upper Klamath, Cal Salmon and Kaweah.

White water rafting trips

We have grown from a tiny three-boat, one-river white water rafting company to one of California's largest and most reputable rafting outfitters. Our success in white water rafting california is due to our commitment to provide you with the best possible rafting trip experience in California. Our philosophy is simple: total dedication to quality and special attention to the important details that will make your California whitewater rafting trip exceptional!

We were the first major whitewater river rafting company to convert entirely to self-bailing rafts. All rafting and safety equipment is no more than two years old at the beginning of each season. Our whitewater rafting boats and life jackets are custom designed specifically for the California whitewater rivers we run.

At Whitewater Connection we do more than just take you on the most exciting rafting trips in California, we pull out all the stops when it comes to our meals. For example, dinner begins with a first course of shrimp cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, and is followed by a main course of steak and chicken, perfectly complimented with wines from the fine local foothill wineries.

The centerpiece of our California whitewater river rafting operation is a 40-acre private whitewater rafting base camp on the banks of the South Fork of the American river. The camp features hot showers and flush toilets, and an extensive irrigation system that keeps the camp green and lush throughout the hot summer months. We even have motion sensors in the restrooms and showers that automatically turn the lights on as you approach for those sometimes unavoidable middle-of-the-night visits.

Because Whitewater Connection recognizes that our expert whitewater river rafting guides and dedicated support staff are our most valuable assets, we hire the finest whitewater rafting personnel available both locally and from around the world. This widens our breadth of river rafting skills and makes for a very colorful company atmosphere! And just as a large number of our river rafting guests return year after year, the majority of our staff returns annually as well. That's because we provide a family environment that promotes the happiness and satisfaction of our whitewater river rafting staff who then share their enthusiasm for rafting trips in California with our whitewater rafting guests. Our close personal relationships, company outings and staff retreats instill in our employees the camaraderie that you'll experience on all our California river rafting trips. This is a quality we work hard to develop and which sets Whitewater Connection apart from many other less personal whitewater river rafting companies.

As Whitewater Connection enters another season, we will continue to maintain complete attention to detail and quality. For those of you who have joined us before, we appreciate your support and we hope to see you again soon. For those of you considering your first California whitewater river rafting trip with Whitewater Connection, we are excited to share our unique approach to providing a superb California river rafting adventure!

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